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Iran Phones - Iran telephones
Iran - IR / IRN / +98
Phones in Iran Telephone numbers in Iran - Iran telephone numbers Location - Land lines starts with digit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tehran - Capital of Iran has 8 digits as xxxx-xxxx, the Tehran numbering format is: 021-xxxx-xxxx / +98-21-xxxx-xxxx
Alborz - Alborz province has 8 digits as xxxx-xxxx, the Karaj numbering format is: 026-xxxx-xxxx / +98-26-xxxx-xxxx
Qom - Qom provice has 8 digits as xxxx-xxxx, the Qom numbering format is: 025-xxxx-xxxx / +98-25-xxxx-xxxx
Other cities - The other cities have three-digit area codes, which results in this format: 0yyy-xxx-xxxx / +98-yyy-xxx-xxxx
Mobile phones - There are 5 mobile phone providers in Iran.
MCI: 0919-xxx-xxxx The 3rd digit after zero is from 1 to 8 depending on mobile owner area code, it is post-paid. The 3rd digit after zero is 9 for pre-paid mobile belongs to residents of area code of 2. Residents of other area codes use 0919-xxx-xxxx where the 3rd digit after zero is such as above sentence. and also 0910-xxx-xxxx 0911-xxx-xxxx 0912-xxx-xxxx 0913-xxx-xxxx 0914-xxx-xxxx 0915-xxx-xxxx 0916-xxx-xxxx 0917-xxx-xxxx 0918-xxx-xxxx
MTCE: 0931-xxx-xxxx pre-paid
Taliya: 0932-xxx-xxxx
Kish-TCI: 0934-xxx-xxxx pre-paid and post-paid
Irancell: 0930-100-0000 to 0930-499-9999 0933-100-0000 to 0933-499-9999 0935-xxx-xxxx 0936-xxx-xxxx 0937-xxx-xxxx 0938-xxx-xxxx 0939-xxx-xxxx pre-paid, post-paid and data SIM
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